Our Revolutionary Micro Hot Fusion bonds are the most widely used & long-lasting method that won't damage your natural hair.The resin used is Keratin based,which is a natural protein that won't break the hair shaft.It is gentle to your hair and easily removable,unlike many other types of adhesives which tend to be silicon based.Silicon glue is difficult to remove & can damage your natural hair.This is why hair extensions get a bad reputation. The bonds we make are tiny, infact the size of a matchstick head!!!

You can straighten,curl, dye & brush your extensions as you would your own hair & we can add colour blends to create high/low-lights. You will get maximum volume,thickness & free movement. Depending on your natural hair re growth, your extensions should last up to 3 months,perhaps even longer if well looked after.


Micro Hot Fusion Bonds or Microrings 100% Human Russian Remy DoubleDrawn from £400

(up to 24" avail)

Half Head Micro Hot Fusion Bonds or Microrings 100% Human Russian Remy DoubleDrawn from £280

(up to 24" avail)

Maintenance £80
Removal £80


(please return to Russian Goddess to have them removed to ensure the correct remover is used)

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